Tuesday, June 7, 2016


"My brother Johnny and I always loved cheese. Growing up, this is one of my clearest memories. That we would get some cheese and eat it, together. We didn't always get along. Like brothers do, we would fight, we would argue, we say hurtful things to each other. Once, I didn't speak to him for a whole year. But always, even at the worst of times, we would find time to spend some time, have a nibble. I like a good hard cheese, we both do. You want it to be a little firm, a little dry, a little crumbly. And full, really full, of flavour. So our tastes are very different. Now, as grown men, I can see that we like different things, want different things, that we are different people. But we both still like that full flavoured hard cheese. And we still find time to get some, get together, nibble down."

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